What is your domain?

Very often, we come across people in the field of information technology who hop from one job to another job, frequently. In fact, people look at software engineers as if they are not worthy enough, if they continue to work in the same company for more than 2–3 years!

Of course, I agree that the idea of loyalty is just a romantic myth. Neither employee nor employer can guarantee lifelong loyalty. The relation only lasts as long as it is mutually beneficial. It is quite natural for the people to have aspirations and it also make sense for them to move from one company to another for more challenging and rewarding work.

However, in the rush of making career moves, one must not forget the importance of acquiring domain expertise. I come across people who switch their domain of work quite often.

One of my friends switched to healthcare domain after working in the banking domain for couple of years. The same friend again moved to logistics domain in no time. I will not be surprised if that fellow moves to NMS domain down the line.

In the long run, it creates problem. My friend will not be able to claim expertise in any of these domains. Handling higher responsibilities like system analysis, solution architecture, delivery management demands domain expertise. And lack of such domain expertise hinders career growth beyond a point.

Also, sticking a domain for a longer period of time opens interesting entrepreneurial opportunities up, because you will be able build good connections in the industry and identify the gaps in the market.

So, keep an eye on your domain. You should choose a domain of your interest and stick to it no matter where you are working. It takes you to great heights!