Dawki River, Meghalaya

If the world is a set of entities, no entity is self-sufficient.

I came to Bengaluru in the late 90s. Like any other newcomer, I too was looking for service providers like milk suppliers, electricians and etc., I was sure that those service providers do available in the city. But, where?

Entities often depend on…

Bettadasapura Fort, Bengaluru (Credit: Vishnu Teja Koyya)

Looking at what is going on around the world, I always feel, the reality is more exciting than fiction. Lots of events! We react to some of them while ignoring the rest. But, how do we come to know about them, in the first place?

This is a great arrangement! As an observer of current affairs, I get notified of the events as and when they occur. I can carry my other activities without me actively spending time observing the events. Just that I may have to react when I receive the notification from the portal.

This is a nice example of many-to-many asynchronous communication. …

Courtesy: Amol Sriram Koyya

Long long ago, I attended a training session in Palo Alto, San Francisco Bay Area, USA. Tibco Rendezvous was the topic. That was the first time I came across the word . It didn’t leave me since then!

Communication Patterns

Normally, when two entities are in conversation, the flow goes like this:

In this game, the parties are blocking each other while they are busy processing…

Amaravati, Andhra Pradesh, India

I never dared to enter a bank during my school days. There used to be a security guard standing at the entrance with a rifle. I was under the impression that banks are only meant for the rich and famous. However, I got a chance to go to the bank at the end of the 11th class to pay the exam fee. I entered the bank with a lot of curiosity. I was expecting loads of money scattered across the bank premises.

It was a big disappointment. I didn’t see even a single coin. What I saw were several counters…

The Rippon Building, Chennai (Credit: Amol Sriram Koyya)

Design Patterns are tough nuts to crack, especially for the green-horns. Yet, they continue to play a critical role in building reusable object-oriented systems, ever since they were published by the famous Gang of Four, almost three decades ago.

Let us understand the Builder, one of the six GoF creational patterns, in the context of a Java Web server.

The interaction between the clients and the server can be summed up in three steps:

Credit: Vishnu Teja Koyya

Initially, I thought NoSQL stands for . I felt bad. But, realized later that it actually stands for . Here is my take on SQL as of today!

SQL stands for Structured Query Language. It is used for querying the Relational Database Management Systems like Oracle, MySQL, and PostgreSQL.

RDBMS assures data consistency and avoids data redundancy. For that, it enforces a predefined schema and ACID transactions. Naturally, it comes at a cost on the performance.

The NoSQL story

With the worldwide penetration of the internet, the load on the web applications and on the back-end databases grew almost…

Credit: MP

FORTRAN IV was the first-ever computer programming language I knew at SRKR Engineering College, Bhimavaram. It was part of our academic curriculum.

There used to be a handful of other programming languages too. BASIC, COBOL, Pascal, and later DBASE, Foxbase, Foxpro are to name a few.

It was not very clear to me why did those many languages exist. Friends used to argue as if one of them was superior to the other.

If we count them today, there are more than 5000 programming languages, though some of them are no longer in use.

How do you choose a language?

Before I answer this question, let…

Credit: Vishnu Teja Koyya

Many of the folks often ask me this question. How do you learn technology?

When I started as a software engineer at fag end of the 90s, I was having only one skill. You guessed it right! I was only good at coding in C/C++ and have no clue of what a domain really mean. Soon I realized my limitation. Over the next few years, I was forced to learn Java, Sybase, MySQL, XML, UI, Tomcat, Tibco, UML, Design Patterns, and what not!

Those were the days of no-internet, no-Google, no-laptop … at least at my disposal. Books were the…

Very often, we come across people in the field of information technology who hop from one job to another job, frequently. In fact, people look at software engineers as if they are not worthy enough, if they continue to work in the same company for more than 2–3 years!

Of course, I agree that the idea of loyalty is just a romantic myth. Neither employee nor employer can guarantee lifelong loyalty. The relation only lasts as long as it is mutually beneficial. …

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Krishna Mohan Koyya, Principal Consultant, Glarimy Technology Services, Bengaluru, India

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