Dawki River, Meghalaya

If the world is a set of entities, no entity is self-sufficient.

I came to Bengaluru in the late 90s. Like any other newcomer, I too was looking for service providers like milk suppliers, electricians and etc., I was sure that those service providers do available in the city. …

Courtesy: Amol Sriram Koyya

Long long ago, I attended a training session in Palo Alto, San Francisco Bay Area, USA. Tibco Rendezvous was the topic. That was the first time I came across the word Asynchronous Communication. It didn’t leave me since then!

Communication Patterns

Normally, when two entities are in conversation, the flow goes like…

Amaravati, Andhra Pradesh, India

I never dared to enter a bank during my school days. There used to be a security guard standing at the entrance with a rifle. I was under the impression that banks are only meant for the rich and famous. However, I got a chance to go to the bank…

The Rippon Building, Chennai (Credit: Amol Sriram Koyya)

Design Patterns are tough nuts to crack, especially for the green-horns. Yet, they continue to play a critical role in building reusable object-oriented systems, ever since they were published by the famous Gang of Four, almost three decades ago.

Let us understand the Builder, one of the six GoF creational…

Very often, we come across people in the field of information technology who hop from one job to another job, frequently. In fact, people look at software engineers as if they are not worthy enough, if they continue to work in the same company for more than 2–3 years!


Glarimy Technology Services

Krishna Mohan Koyya, Principal Consultant, Glarimy Technology Services, Bengaluru, India

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